Best 5 Appeltaart Recipes Just to Delight Your Palate

A for Apple. The very first word that a child hears while learning alphabets is apple. The ripe red fruit that played hide and seek with Adam and Eve; the bright red fruit which made Newton explain gravity has lot of healthy nutrients inside it. One can consume apples raw, cooked or even minced as per their choice. Of these variations, the apples that are baked into appeltaarts leave a lingering taste in your mouth. Worldwide appeltaarts are baked and served to delighted customers. Here is the list of mouth-watering top 5 Appeltaart recipes for you to learn and bake:

The classic Appeltaart

How much ever one likes variations, the original tops the list of mouth-watering top 5 Appeltaart recipes. The taste and smell of a nine inch double crust Appeltaart is overwhelming when the dough is kneaded well with adequate water. A flaky and tender dough, a mixture of sweet and tart apples make the appeltaart just perfect to indulge.

Dutch Appeltaart

Traditional Dutch taart comes in two varieties namely the crumb and lattice style. It can be served warm or cold with whipped cream or a cinnamon flavoured ice cream. This recipe requires quite some patience as it involves plenty of handwork. The dough is the tricky one and the apple mixture can be made the previous day. The Dutch measurements are in grams and hence one has to convert the grams to cups for accurate taart formation. The apples need to be cut in different sized cubes for crunchier feeling. This recipe is simple but time consuming.

Norman Appeltaart

This is a short crust variant of the appeltaarts made in Normandy with apples, sliced almonds and sugar with a creamy egg custard tart topping. The topping should be slightly caramelised to give the best taste and flavour. This tart can be made in two sizes suiting the audience choice. This tart has several variations which includes using almond paste or almond apple paste instead of egg custard which tastes different and mouth-watery.

Swedish Appeltaart

More of a crumble than a traditional appeltaart, this variation is made using bread crumbs instead of all-purpose flour. It can be made even healthier using oats as a base ingredient. One must not mistake the Swedish Appeltaart with the apple sponge cake which is baked with fresh apples inside. If the former is crusty the latter is spongy and mince.

The American Pie

Not the famous movie, this American variation of the appeltaart are more or less similar to the classic one but they have few variations in the apple mixture that is used for filling. While some include raisins, some add cinnamon and caramel apple, cheddar cheese crust, caramel-pecan combination etc. just to add more creativity and imagination to taart that is made.

Appeltaarts are the best desserts for those who wish to eat flaky, less sweet and layered sweets. There are plenty of varieties of apples namely Bramley, Empire, Northern spy, Granny Smith etc. While some fruit could be too sweet, some could be acidic than the regular apples. When perfectly cooked, these are not just desserts but can be a nice evening tea time snack. So, are you ready to try any of these mouth-watering top 5 Appeltaart recipes and entertain your guests and also satiate your gastronomic cravings?